Welcome in to my blog!! <3
I'm Ilaria, i'm italian and i love to draw and i'm obsessed with Sasuke Uchiha, sasusaku, and Tetsuya Nomura work.

I'm working on Deviantart selling adopts and doing commissions, but i'm also working to a jrpg videogame!
Feel free to ask anything! C: even if my english sucks.


Naruto: SASUSAKU (my obsession), Naruhina, Suika, Jiratsu, Shikatema, Inosai, Leeten, Minakushi.

Square-enix: Squinoa, Cloti, Zerith, Sokai,Tiduna

Me and my boyfriend as Tifa Lockhart and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII (Amano version)

i LOVE this version <3 they’re are both so beautiful

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