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Welcome in to my blog!! <3
I'm Ilaria, i'm italian and i love to draw.
I'm working on Deviantart selling adopts and doing commissions, but i'm also working to a jrpg videogame!
Feel free to ask anything! C: even if my english sucks.

Naruto: SASUSAKU (my obsession), Naruhina, Suika, Jiratsu, Shikatema, Inosai, Leeten, Minakushi.

Square-enix: Squinoa, Cloti, Zerith, Sokai, TidusxYuna (have they a name?! XD)
khimmortal sent:

Pleaseeee please do a one-shot or a prompt or whatever from that cover im dying huhuhu


Title: shut yer filthy mouth
Summary: He’d let his secret crush slip by in the most unorthodox way.
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto
Prompt: Exposed
Rating: K+
Warning(s): AU. obvi. some cowboy swearing lmao. 


"Oh, she’s purtty ain’t she, boss?"

"She sure is," the man replied, smirking as he eyed her with blatant derogatory sexual interest, making her sneer and scowl in disgust, blood running hot. His eyes simmered with amusement as she snarled and flipped him off, and she could feel herself growing flushed with anger.

"Feisty little thang," he went on, sharing a look with his right hand man. "I got a feelin’ if I took her to bed with me right now we’d be having us a real hog-killin’ time."

The men laughed boisterously, knocking their guns together and sharing lewd grins, and the humiliation was so overwhelming for her that she instantly reached for her gun, seething and muttering curses.

She was surprised when Sasuke’s hand settled on her own, tearing a gasp out of her throat. He wasn’t looking at her, but she could feel how incredibly tense he was as he kept her from losing her cool.

Shocked that Sasuke would get so angry on her behalf, she glanced around his shoulder for a proper look at him. And when she saw the savage expression on his face, her breath hitched, and a shiver ran up her spine. The cold fury in his features was astounding—she’d never seen him like this. 

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Anonymous sent:

Who's your favourite SS smut artist? Mine's nami86! (Even if she doesn't draw them anymore ;~; )


Oh I love her too! I honestly don’t have a favorite, but there are a few here on Tumblr that I can name off the top of my head who make great art in general, especially smut. <3

Aaaaww Thank you so much, i saw this now XD  <3 *cries*

fia-writes sent:

"I don't care if anyone's watching, Sakura. We are gonna ride this thing until we get there."


"FIne." She tries to breathe in between her words, exhausted from the extreme heat. "But, we have to ride fast."

Suddenly, she is hefted to the saddle by her waist.


Sasuke follows, and takes the front, and stabilizes his feet on the stirrups, and pulls the reins. The steed trots in response, and her arms automatically wraps around his middle in surprise.

"Hold tight."